About Us

G&T. Tit and tat. Odds and Ends. Old world and new. Two peas in a pod. Or, as one of their readers has so aptly christened them: Two Perfect Scheming Wenches who write books and stories about H&B. Holly and David. Lord and Lady Baugham.

While one wench wants to put a dead body in every story, nothing would make the other one happier than to make the reader cry in every chapter. One will take any crazy idea, swear not to stray and then have a chapter ready the next morning. The other will painstakingly comb through a story for any and every mistake, typo or missing comma (and there are a lot of those on account of the other one…) before she will even consider it being anywhere near finished. One insists on chapters of uniform length and the other spends hours prettifying headings and staring at the perfect picture for the cover.

They’ve met face to face only once, yet each could tell you what the other is thinking most of the time.

That’s how it works. Because it does! And not only that, it gives pleasure, laughter, fun, excitement, tears, emotion and it keeps them both sane to boot. Our excuse is that it’s educational, too! It’s really a match made in heaven because each is as meticulous (and ok, maybe slightly obsessive) about details as the other and both love to create a good story, full of flawed protagonists and colourful side characters.

We’re Gail and Tina and we love what we do.

Historic meeting: G&T with G&Ts

What started out as a leisurely sideshow to Pride and Prejudice has almost taken over our lives and become our universe. It started with a story called Twixt Two Equal Armies where we created a detour in Pride and Prejudice to Scotland as well as gave Elizabeth Bennet an intriguing cousin called Holly Tournier and Mr Darcy a fascinating friend in Lord David Baugham. Then we made them meet, clash and fall in love. But the story doesn’t end there. In fact, that is only the beginning. Since then we have written seven full length stories that follow Lord and Lady Baugham through adventure and marriage (often the same thing). Little by little we have fleshed out their life together in more and more stories and to our great delight and utter disbelief, those stories are in the process of being published into real, actual, books!

Yet, there have been times when we couldn’t resist the urge to look beyond the Regency universe we had created and some of those crazy ideas started to seem just a little too good to ignore, so at times we have taken a sharp left and followed our muse and Holly and David down other paths as well.

The Seasons Series is the perfect antidote to intricate Regency writing and living. It is set in New York in 1948 and has definite pretensions to emulate something of the noir. PI Baugham and his doll wisecrack themselves through a series of mysteries and strange cases, battling their own demons as well as crooks and shysters.

Lately, we have used Holly and Baugham for our selfish self-educating purposes and thrown them out into the whirlwind of history. ‘Time it Was…And What a Time it Was’ is Holly and David in 1968. ‘The Valley of the Shadow’ is Holly and David in 1868. Right now we’re getting used to swampy, muddy, struggling New Orleans after having lingered in Boston for a little Holly and David in 1768: A Fierce Unrest. And as if that wasn’t enough, sometimes we each take on Holly and David for a little creative ménage-à-trois. Gail put an altered version of them through World War One in ‘…To End All Wars’. Tina gave them a ‘Twelfth Night’ in 1826 and also transported them back to the time of the Arthurian legends (but is completely incapable of touching it in an editing way so it’s still “resting”) in ‘Deeds and Martial Feats’. With those, and our ever-increasing collection of ‘well-begun but not quite half-done’ tales waiting impatiently for us on our respective hard drives, there is, in fact, no end in sight!