Pain Mis-management

Nothing of great import to say today… which is pretty sad considering this is only my second entry in this self-inflicted Slump Busting challenge. But in my defense, today has been the longest day at work in the history of days at work. This is because my mouth still hurts like crazy after oral surgery and I foolishly decided that I shouldn’t take the good drugs because, well… I would be at work.

Note to self and any interested parties: Always take the good drugs. Always.

So I’m sitting here, killing time, waiting for the hubby to pick me up for our homeward commute, having endured nine hours of work day misery, with at least two more hours of waiting-for-the-hubby-misery-plus-the-drive-home misery to endure before I am reunited with my blessed bottle of Vicodin.

I know some people would just tough it out, but really, I have no interest in toughing it out. Pain hurts, drugs work. I don’t see the down side.

So what’s funny though, is that the Bridget Jones in me is secretly calculating how much weight I might lose because I’ve not been able to eat for 7 days now. What makes us think like that? When even in the midst of pain, heartache, stress or illness, we say to ourselves, “Well, at least I might drop a few pounds through this”? Does that speak to our optimism? Or a pathetic self-image?

My money is on the pathetic, but I’m crabby and not feeling very optimistic today. My damn mouth hurts!

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