Slump Busting?!?

So this is Day One of an experiment of sorts, I guess. Can one write oneself out of a slump? And if so, how many days does it take? Well, of course I don’t have the answer to that. What I do know for certain is, by doing nothing, it has been 632 days and counting since anything exciting or meaningful has flowed from this stagnant brain of mine.  So I’m going to take my stubborn bull of a muse by the proverbial horns and try to wrestle her into submission. And believe me, it will be a battle. I will write! No matter how I feel or no matter what ends up on the page! Will that show her, once and for all, who’s boss around here?

I foresee two possible outcomes:

1. by some miracle, she actually will learn that I am in charge and start cooperating, or…

2. after x days of publishing embarrassingly inane dribble, she’ll throw her hands up in frustration and say, “All right, already! I get it! You’re nothing without me. Here… why don’t we try something like…” and then we’re off and running once again. Finally.

Actually, I should probably acknowledge the third, and most likely, outcome:

3. I can’t even manage to write embarrassingly inane dribble daily and this experiment fizzles out like everything else I’ve tried to write lately.

Hopefully not, but in the spirit of inanity, here’s my to do list for today:

  1. Take drugs soon – oral surgery 3 days ago, still hurts like a mother
  2. Take youngest daughter into town to x-ray her toe – dropped a coffee pot on it at work 6 days ago, still hurts like a mother
  3. Plan a family bbq for tomorrow – thinking about grilling Garlic-Lime Salmon, soaking some chicken breast in Italian dressing for the non-fisheaters, potato salad, roasted broccoli and maybe chili beans. Is it weird to serve chili beans with fish?
  4. Take more drugs periodically throughout the day.
  5. Hit the store for groceries for bbq mentioned above.
  6. Hang out with my sister.

And in the short time since I started my list, #1 is accomplished! And now I’m exhausted.

  1. Take a nap.


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  1. Gail McEwen
    01/08/2012 at 11:58 am Permalink

    Hi Gail – is that you? 🙂
    “it has been 632 days and counting since anything exciting or meaningful has flowed from this stagnant brain of mine.”
    I know for a fact that this is not true.

    However – I empathize with the “muse on extended vacay” scenario. Just remember she is not the boss of you. And this experiment is the proof.
    Go, go, go!
    p.s. – hope you’re feeling better