A Study in Contrasts

So we were talking, and as all well-bred ladies should, restricting our remarks to the weather. Gail’s observations were typical of winter in the high desert: clear, cold & windy (as opposed to summer in the high desert which is clear, hot & windy). Tina’s share of the conversation was considerably more interesting and envy inducing: 50 cm of snow!

We thought how fun it would be to periodically share our differences in situation, so without further ado, we present:


First – Gail

Note the bright blue sky, and the… the uh… the uh… well, just look at that sky! Click on the picture to see it in its full glory.


And now Tina’s view, taken the same day

Simply breathtaking! Very seasonally appropriate! Makes us want to snuggle up with something hot to drink and a good book. Click if you dare, but watch for flying snowballs.

Gail, however, would like to point out a distinct lack of blueness.

And that is the view from our street today.

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  1. Gail McEwen
    18/12/2010 at 9:29 am Permalink

    I’d like the blue sky for every day, the empty streets roads on Sundays, and the snow, but only on very special occasions (to misquote a movie).

  2. Gail McEwen
    23/12/2010 at 1:11 pm Permalink

    I say Christmas IS a Special Occasion! So I look forward to the snow melting away in… say… mid-March? Not likely…